The Homeschool Store began in 1996 in Randy Swirsky's CPA office. He and his wife, Alexie, realized that there was a demand for a store that sold homeschooling supplies. Alexie had been homeschooling her oldest son for a few years at the time and really wanted to be able to look at books before she spent hundreds of dollars on curriculum. So, The Homeschool Store started as one bookcase, which quickly turned into two office rooms, then a 6,000 square foot building.  Just recently, in 2012, The Homeschool Store relocated to the Willowbrook area. Randy and Alexie bought some property and building started shortly after. Now, The Homeschool Store is a 9,800 square foot building located on Ann Ln. It is the largest brick-and-mortar homeschool bookstore in America!